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Solar-Powered Siren

The SPS-260 is completely free of wires, designed to protect yards, drive ways, gardens and all types of other external locations. With a rechargeable solar-power battery, it can work with other wireless sirens on the same system. For smaller premises, it can also work as an on-site alarm systemwhen paired with other accessories, such as remote controls, door/window contact sensors and PIR detectors, on the same radio frequency.


Backup Battery

18650 3.7V 1800mAh rechargeable
lithium battery
Solar panel output current 2000LX illumination ≥4mA (in sunlight)
Standby current ≤1mA
Alarm Current ≤350mA
Maximum Siren Volume 110dB
Battery standby time 45 days
Wireless transmitting distance ≤80m (in open area)
Radio frequency 315MHz or 433.92 MHz
Operation condition

Temperature: -10 °C~+55 °C
Relative humidity ≤80% (non-condensing)
Housing material PC+ABS+ANTI-UV
Dimensions (L x W x H) 309 x 230 x 79.7mm
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