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Multi-beam IR Sensors

Ideal for placements on fences, balconies or by garage doors, Chuango AID-420 sensors work wonders in outdoor environments and detect acts of intrusion via invisible infrared beams. Through advanced technology and algorithms, only objects over a certain size would trigger an alarm with an instantaneous alert to your smartphone, minimizing false alarms. Completely wireless and battery-powered, Chuango AID-420 stands on guard for you in disguise, and the unique power-saving mode means up to 3 years of care-free, worry-free battery life.


Detector infrared beam: 4 beams
Beam transmitter battery: 2 CR123A batteries
Beam receiver battery 3 CR123A batteries
Standby time: 3 years
Standby mode power consumption: beam transmitter < 0.03mA
  beam receiver <0.11mA
Alarm mode power consumption: 0.04mA
Maximum detection range: 6m
Waterproof rating: IP66
Wireless frequency: 315MHz or 433.92MHz
Wireless transmission distance: <80m(open area/no interference)
Case material: PC+ABS+ANTI-UV
Size: 42 x 47 x 612mm
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